Monday, 5 January 2009

Nayblog continues

Christmas has come and gone and I've been so in the scene that I've gone off the scene for a while in terms of my Nayblog as it's been aptly renamed by a certain S. Even with the festive spirit, Wimbledon never fails to deliver high class drama.

N has all but dissapered from the radar recently.. where are all these friends she continually reminded S about?? I am shocked.
There have been adventures of a certain M, R and S into further afield places than Suburban recently, which have lead to a certain M arranging leasons with an "indie" boy. I wonder wht AH thinks about this? Someone tell M that when you play with fire, you're bound to get burned. Although she may have discovered this when an AH and indie turned up in the same place at the same time... Photographic evidence suggests it was an akward encounter for all parties!
Where oh where has S gone? Only one brief sighting over the whole christmas period... some believe she may have migrated to Sutton.
Big S has confirmed another month of abstaining from drinking alcohol.. one does wonder will this lead to yet another messy night at the end of it all?

Lets hope that with M and R returning to Sub tonight that the snow doesn't bring a frosty atmosphere... or an N.

*Air kisses*
Mwah Mwah